[GER] WTS - Deck for sale

Looking to sell this deck Evolve GTX deck.

As mentioned in my WTB thread for a different Deck it’s too short for me, it looks really nice though.

The deck is fine and is lightly modified. It has a cable manager in case somebody (like me) top mounts the battery and needs a way to hide the cables going to the esc case below.

The following damage is present: slight indentation where the bolts sit because it was mounted dropthrough from factory and the nose is slightly scuffed. Otherwise some small blemishes all around because it’s wood and if something hits wood it dents it. If i find anything else i’ll update the post, thefact that it hasn’t been used for more than 100 miles technically tells me theres nothing wrong.

Some of the pictures are from when i did the project so certain things don’t look like that anymore (talking about blemishes or glue etc)

Some of the Glue thats from the evolve foam gasked is still present. I don’t have the right tools to remove it.

The cable hider is currently held in with silicone.

Damn, using the flashlight makes it look so bad :smiley:

You get the Deck, the cable hider and 4x 3d printed x-things


Price updated - typo

Do you also have the original enclosure ?

Only the deck sorry. I bought it without enclosure.

@BillGordon Can be closed :slight_smile:

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