(GER-EU) Custom battery packs and Evolve/mellow upgrades

So as the title mentions, my friend and I are offering battery building services ranging from a simple evolve battery upgrade to a custom endless range 10s12p battery. Regarding the bms, we will be using a well-trusted 13s 80a bms or a 13s 120a bms which we personally use in our boards without a single problem, but if u wish to have your own bms installed then we can do it without a problem. This is also not our first time building batteries, we have been building batteries since 5 years and we work for a battery building company so you can blindly trust us. We can offer a flex battery upgrade (for example for the Bamboo GT) or just a normal pack for stiff decks.The evolve battery upgrade will have exactly double the range (from 7Ah to 14Ah) with the 35e cells we use. I didnt see that done alot here but we also upgrade the cells in the Mellow battery which will give u 50% more range than what the originals cells give (from 4.4Ah to 6.6Ah). For all the upgrades you can choose any type of cells you would like to have, and before giving the last price, the price/cell would be shown just as to be transparent about the price.
Some pics of our work:



  1. Insulate P groups
  2. Sharp corners on nickel
  3. Under-size nickel
  4. Nickel S bridges not flexible

Can you give us some example some of your prices

What would a 12s5p 30q cost for example

Just a few tips and recommendations:

  • Glue the cells together.

  • Use fishpaper to insulate p-groups and rings for the + terminals of the cells

  • get a corner chomper to trim the nickel edges

  • for evolve boards build flexible packs


Good tips, fixed that one for ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

No such thing as a rigid skateboard. The stiffest deck bends when you jump on it. Gotta account for a little bit of flex for all decks.


If I start building batteries, you know what you get. :wink:
MTB of course. :grin:


The pic with untrimmed corners on the nickel was a bit old but now we got an update from the company and they told us exactly what u said, we also got a new shipment of thicker nickel

Your choice of bms or our bms?

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Gluing the cells together wouldnt be such a great idea cuz as @BluPenguin said, even the stiffest of boards flex just a tiny bit and yea for evolve builds we always build flexible packs

Just the p groups…

and for series connections use silicone cables or copper braid

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  • No fishpaper rings on postive side.
  • No fishpaper under balance wires
  • No glued cells -> more stress on welds
  • Some weird black tape I don’t like

Sorry but it don’t work this way. Blindy trust? Share first some better pictures and then we talk :smiley: Btw welcome!


Hey, Alex here.

I think i need to correct some information.

  1. The cells are glued together (we‘re using industrial glue (no hot glue))

  2. the used nickel straps are 10mm x 0,2mm and the parallel packs are welded with 2 nickel straps and the series connection with min. 3 Straps

  3. Fish-Paper on balance wires. I‘m using capton tape to insulate the balance wires. Furthermore all balance wires are lying on the N-contact of the cell.

  4. Sharp Edges on the p-groups
    The pictures are old ones build for the Carbon GT. Every battery we‘re building now has rounded edges on the P-Groups.

  5. Black Tape you don’t like.
    It’s insulation tape. :slightly_smiling_face:

  6. Fish-Paper on P-Groups
    If you‘re having that battery sitting nice and tight in a case, there shouldn‘t be anything that could pierce the heat shrink (around the battery) and also pierce the 2-4 welds of the nickel straps to shorten any of the p-groups.

Feel free to ask questions :call_me_hand:t2:


I think it is pretty common practise here to put fish paper as you can have things in the enclosure which can get loose and pierce the casing

Also could you give us an example price without a bms so we can understand what sort of prices you are asking

Normally everything should be fixed in the case :slightly_smiling_face:.

Mellow Battery Upgrade: 200€ (+ Shipping)
12S5P Custom Battery w/ BMS: 450€
BGT upgrade (4P): 350€
CGT upgrade (5P): 450€


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You have to have room for failure where a piece gets unattached and starts scraping

Also your prices do seem a little high for this sort of thing I got a 12s5p with a discharge bms for like 350euro so maybe it’s a little high

In a ecosystem where High-current li-ion batteries are built in, there should be a 0 failure tolerance. So everything must be fixed. If everyone has access to hot glue, there shouldn’t be a problem to fix these „dangerous“ parts with some good hot glue. :slightly_smiling_face::call_me_hand:t2:


is fish paper worth its weight in gold or why would it make sense to argue against it in this forum where everyone and their mother advises on using it ? i personally think every step that lessens the chance to send a customer to the hospital / set something on fire is a good one - however slim the chances might be

also youre selling those batteries not only to professionals but hobbyists, enclosures are cramped, vibrations are insane, just saying


So you’re building them or you’re outsourcing?


Batteries are one area where we’re super careful who sells through the forum.


We build them. From the raw cells to a full battery pack :slightly_smiling_face:.