Genuine Batteries

I was in Jaycar today (Australia) and whilst perusing for electronic goods that I don’t need, I noticed that they stocked a few random batteries so I asked if they could get their hands on any Samsung 30Q’s.
The gents response was, “No we can’t, but ‘Battery World’ down the road can, although they are mostly counterfeit.”

I mean, for someone who has read the old and new forum for the last year, I am really stumped on how to confidently purchase genuine batteries! How/where do you guys buy from?


I guess I am seeing batteries for sale on many different Vape sites between A$8 to A$14 and I don’t know whether to just assume that the higher end is legit or just ripping me off…?

Most people here (to my knowledge) use nkon. Some people in the UK/EU use fogstar wholesale, and other source independently.

Hope that helps

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Perfect, thanks

outside EU

inside EU


I have 3 vape shops near me, they charge $10-$15 USD for the kind of cells we pay $4 USD for…they can mark up the price because their customers don’t do research and think it’s the right price.

In terms of getting real cells, I’d agree with the NKON vote, unless @Dareno or our other resident Aussies know something local

Talk to @dareno

They can also mark up the price because a vaporizer uses 1 or 2 cells and an esk8 battery uses 30 or 80 cells.

I’ve never had any issues with imrbatteries.

I’ve bought like 300+ 30Qs from them and never had a problem

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For UK/EU, fogstar wholesale site. Cheapest too, they also have offers fairly regularly. Been in the warehouse, they are legit.


In the US I can recommend liion wholesale. I have never had an issue, they get the cells to my hands in 2 days and they have great customer service!

I belive @longhairedboy also uses them.

I’ve been happy with IMR batteries. Not always super cheap (they have sales now and again), but I get them in a couple days. All the cells checked out and are running strong.