Gauging interested in glow wheels that don't suck

Admittedly, a soak in hydrogen peroxide overnight generally makes them look brand new, but who has time for that?

That’s why orange or red translucent urethane may work well. Even if it yellows a little, it will still look good.

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As someone who isn’t even a fan of the color red or orange in general, I’d have to agree

Find a worn out clear polyurethane, and whatever color it is, make new wheels that color

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wait… what… is this real? I’ve never tried it. I have plenty of brown boas to test this on.I 'd be willing to do this on clear light-up wheels periodically if it doesn’t somehow eat at the thane. H2O2 is cheap.

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Theres an extra step that i forget but yes it works. Look up the tech to clean yellowed white rubber.

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oh wait… I have a TRS-80 portable computer from my childhood I was going to restore and I remember this trick. Its H2O2, Oxy-Clean, water in a bowl and UV light, like sunshine or some other intense black light. We have plenty of sun here, I’m totally going to try it once we get out of the rainy season.

edit: found it: 4 Ways to Whiten & Renew Yellowed Plastic » How To Clean

it’s listed there as “the peroxide method.”