Gauging interest, 10mm axles for Fatboy 320 hangars/Matrix 2?

Anyone wants to mount urethane wheels with 10mm bearings on MTB trucks? I have something planned for an upcoming build but the 12mm urethane bearings are unobtanium, or very expensive, and also does not last very long apparently.

Until @Tony_Stark at Radium spoke to my friend who i’m building the board for, and says he might be able to do it, with a MOQ of 20 axles. So 5 sets, or people. Since i’ll be getting a set, we just need 4 more folks. I’m not sure if the axles will fit other MTB trucks as the grub screw placement might be different so if folks who have the hangars around and can take some measurements, that’ll be great!

The hangar in question is this one