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Gaming GPUs for Esk8 parts | EU | Germany

Since I deal a lot with PC and Gaming hardware, I thought I’ld trade some stuff for Esk8 items :slight_smile:
Currently I have two R9 280X with 3GB Memory here. For those of you coming from Nvidias fan base, this card is 22% faster in effective speed, than a GTX 1050ti, so enough for any title in high settings at 60 fps I would say. ESport titles should run at even higher framerates.
You do need a Power Supply with PCIe connectors though and install the drivers, that are available On AMDs website by searching: R9 280X driver on Google, the installation process is explained well and very intuitive, but I’ll promise to try my best helping you if you get in trouble.

Also I have a low Profile RX 460 (this means this card doenst require much power and will run in your dad’s office computer).
This card can be used in basically every computer, but of course is less powerful than cards requiring external power. It should be enough if you play in medium settings or play ESport titles all day long.

1 RX460 2GB - 60€
1 GTX 780 Founders Edition - 100€
More R9 280X than you can image - 100€

Willing to trade for:
**Extended Caliber II trucks
**MBS All terrain wheels
**New Discovery Cloud Wheels
**Davega X
**Cash of course

Will pay extra if items worth is higher than GPUs value.

Hope this isnt too strange in a Esk8 Forum.


Here’s a PCIe connector for reference:

You’ll need one 6 pin and one 6+2 (8) pin to run the R9 280X. That’s the advantage of the RX 460, it doesn’t require such a thing.

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ok im an idiot and i have no idea about pcs so maybe you can help
i wanna do some gaming on my pc (i dont want to build one) and i dont have enough ram though for larger games to run smoothly
without being complicated is this what i need
i have no idea about computers so please dont hurt my brain with lots of long words

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Gpus are generally the limiting factor on gaming performance. But if the rest of your components such then it’s no use. Like having 8p of p42s running through a flipsky 4.12.
Any chance you can list your current components?


How much ram do you have?
Generally, Ram isn’t the bottleneck, as it only determines how much chrome tabs and applications you can run at the same time (easily explained)
What’s your CPU and RAM in GB?


You need to reconsider a lot of those parts since you are on a budget.

Why put 100 euros into a Davega X when you are still using low grade wheels,trucks and VESCs. Just use a loopkey if you are on a budget


like to use a laptop if possible
how can i find out about my ram and cpu i have no idea about pcs

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k its got 4gb of ram
i believe thats awful

here is my processor
dunno if its any good or not

Processor Intel® Core™ i3-6006U CPU @ 2.00GHz, 1992 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

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cheers gonna watch that soon

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Ah yes… For you guys 600€ is a budget, I forgot :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sob:

Because it’s absolutely reliable and… Yeah

Trying to get the new Cloud wheels or MBS, don’t wanna have pneumatics.

They’re small, but is a caliber II unreliable? Would argue about this point if I had bad mood!

Sorry :disappointed:
Try to get a Focbox in this world :’) …
Like, what solid options do I really have?

Don’t see this as an offense, please.
Also note that I try to upgrade, it’s just that many parts aren’t available / there is no good solution.
Would you recommend MBS All Terrain for mediocre Asphalt roads or the Cloud wheels?
How’s the new core version?


Than you can’t use a desktop GPU (easily said).


oh ok
as i said got no idea what im doing

im just looking for something easily downloaded or plugged in that allows me to run games on this laptop


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I gotta admit you’re absolutely right about that…

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i realized
whats good for a laptop

Get reg Cal2s and chop the ends if you have a pulley with integrated bearing.

Sorry Im out of this thread.

Both of you learn how to research. Will help later in life.


16 is the new norm

Wait. Send me a pic of the bottom of your laptop. The white sticker that sais model number. External gpu benches are a thing


Don’t try gaming on laptops… It’s pure pain…
Get a decent Desktop, with following YouTubers advice you can get away with 200€ easily.
i5 2500k
GTX 770
SSD 128GB / 256GB
Random PSU > 450W


For ambitious people.
8GB is totally enough in most cases, 16GB only makes <5% differences, if you only run the game and nothing else.

yeah gonna leave it
not that desperate to buy a pc just for that

@Agressivstreetlamp sticker didnt have sais number

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Don’t do this to him…
Since he has no ExpressCard 34 he has to use mPcie or USB C that he hasn’t for sure…
Nothing for beginners