Fusion 360 help - cutting into a cylinder shape

So I’m working on something non-esk8 related in Fusion 360.

I’m trying to cut a maze shape out of a hollow cylinder. Is there an easier way to do this other than constantly creating tangent planes at different angles? I need the entire maze shape to retain the same width and I’m struggling with accuracy because I feel like this isn’t the correct way to do this.


Not the best, but should work.


I hate doing stuff on cylindrical faces.

Personally, I’d just make the maze as a bunch of lines projected on the surface as mentioned above. Trim whatever overlaps you get. Draw a square on a plane that coincides with the maze. Make the square the size of the maze path opening and make the center pierce the maze line. Sweep cut the square along the maze profile and cross my fingers that I don’t get a million errors.

Fuck cylinder faces.


Will explore this option when I hop back on the computer

But yes, fuck cylindrical faces.

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Yeah this is probably what I would do too. I know Solidworks has a better way, too bad Fusion doesn’t do 3D sketches like Solidworks

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this might be useful.


You could also make the maze on a flat surface and bend it in sheet metal right? Not sure if you can do a full cylinder bend though I’m not too familiar with sheet metal. Alternatively, make many stacked cylinders with the cutouts needed which would be very messy for your timeline and would require a decent amount of planning but could work.