Fused Charge Port or xt60 connector?

Hi guys, I recently have requested a battery to be built and the builder is in the final stages now and he gave me the option to add a fused charge port or a xt60 connector so I can get a charge port later and add it. What do you guys think? I am wondering if there are any immediate drawbacks or benefits to one option or the other? Thanks

Get the fused charge port added. Whats the point of getting the xt60 and doing it yourself?

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Not sure, which was why I asked ha

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This has been discussed already like 100 times.

Why don’t you ask your builder to explain to you what option has what advantages and disadvantages, its like his job lol

Also fuse your charge port


I would personally ask for an XT30 connector and add a charge port and a fuse yourself.

Or, if you don’t solder, then ask for an XT30 and the whole other side also — another XT30 + a fuse + a charge port.

You don’t want just a charge port because then how do you get the wires through the hole in the enclosure?

That is a great point, I didnt even think of that! Thanks for the tip, also xt30? I thought it was an xt60 connector?

xt60 is for 60A continuous and xt30 is for 30A :wink:

How do I know which one my setup needs? I bought xt60 connectors for it

It depends where you’re talking about : for your charge xt30 is more than enough
But for the connector from the battery to the esc, xt60 at least, you could go with xt90 also

Yea for the charging port was what I was referring to. Thanks for the info!

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XT60 is too big to fit through the hole