Fun with DKP trucks | Elofty and Flispky 15.2" | Two integrated decks

I put together two demo boards to test out my two drop-through decks. I started out with a mid-sized deck that I outfitted with some ELofty style drives and then graduated to a more serious build. Here is a run through and some pics of the boards.

Last fall I built a deck for riding around on the gravel that gets spread all over the streets here in the winter. I used one of my midsized decks, the Puddin’ Pop 38.5" drop-through, along with Elofty style direct drives and Cloud wheels. The battery is a 12s2p p42a pack made by @Skyart and I used a MakerX dual VESC 4 to manage the juice. One crucial change that I made was to switch out the stock bushings for a Riptide DKP kit. It took the trucks to a whole new level.

I had a lot of fun on this board and I wanted to make a higher performance rendition of it. I was on the flipsky site and I noticed that they had 15.2" DKP trucks. I became inspired and I got to work. The result was Sho’ nuff, a 41.5" drop-through deck with a 1/2 inch drop.

This one has a 12s4p p42a battery pack in it made by yours truly. A Stormcore 60D manages the power and Flipsky battle-hardened, 140kv 6474 motors make it go. I outfitted this one with another connoisseur-grade bushing kit from Riptide. For wheels I have both 155mm Trampa wheels for carving and MBS 9" wheels for off-road.

I love carving on this thing. The wide DKP trucks matched with a riptide kit is a heavenly combination. It’s super smooth and stable. It also rides off-road well, but it would be nice to have a longer motor-mounts for high torque situations.

If you pick up a set of these trucks make sure to switch out the bushings. It makes a huge difference. Also, they use 10mm bearings for pneumatic wheels which is weird. Fortunately they have those bearing on the flispky site, but they are kind of hard to find elsewhere so make sure to grab them when you buy your trucks.

Lastly, both of these decks can be found on my site There are still a few days left in my spring promotion if you want to snag one for the summer :blush: Just enter the code SPRINGSK8 at check out to get 10% of any all decks through the end of March :+1: Happy riding!! :hamburger:


Really cool those dkp trucks. Nice to have wide dkp trucks available. Would like to try them on the front.
Comparing for example with the BN270, can you say if they are wider or narrower, hanger axles included?

Are you using these DKP also on the back? Which mounts/GD are you using on the board with the AT tires?

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I have a set of BN 270s. They’re the same width as the DKP hangers. I’m using DKP on both the front and back on both boards.

Flipsky sells the motor mounts with the trucks on their site. It’s a shitty mount. It’s really short, so you can’t use a big wheel pully.


Nice, would be cool to combine bn270 on the back and this dkp on the front.
Not sure if the different height would be easy to workaround though.

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These DKP have AT axels. They’re 10mm but they’re also longer. Depending on which wheels you use, you might have to make some creative spacers.


Already having that kind of fun with bn270 plus Rockstar hubs. These 10mm spacers cost a fortune :confused:

Which spacers? Got a link?

These ones:


Here they also sell 10mm and 12mm spacers for a variety of hubs:

Lacroix also has spacers for 12mm axles I think.

For Rockstar II bearing spacers, 22.2mm lenght is needed.


I’ve printed custom spacer from carbon-fiber and they’ve held up well.

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Minor correction


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Thank you. I still get to, too and two confused.


I have the Flipsky DKP and evolve 7" wheels / pulleys on mine. I bought some cheap M10 bearing and knocked the middle race out and use that for a larger spacer with these M10 / 14 / .2 spacers stacked in there with it.

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