[FS US] TSG Pass Helmet, large

EDIT - SOLD $250 - 2021 TSG Pass for sale in size large. Used but close to new condition. Comes with clear visor and bag.

This is the pass model from 2021 - but it is identical to what TSG now sells as the pass pro. I have a newer “pass pro” and can confirm they are the actually the exact same thing.

Comes with size xl cheekpads (thinner padding) instead of the large cheek pads. It also comes with additional padding from TSG in case you want to make the cheek pads fatter and feel more like the size large pads would feel.

I can ship or handoff in person at carve PDX

yep can confirm, the only difference is like 30 grams of weight or whatever, its negligible. The old pass had an optional carbon fiber construction and magnetic (removable) cheek pads which the newer pass pros dont have.
maniacally laughs in old pass pro


There’s a guy on here wanting to buy just the XL pads if you’re willing to sell separate


:joy: I am that guy


Sold @xsynatic please close :pray: