FS (US): Omakase build (12s3p, BN M1, etc)

For Sale: [US] Loaded Omakase short board build

I love this kickass little board, however I am realizing I really don’t have time to ride it. I have my big street board that I use for solo or group rides and I can’t really ride to stores etc around where I live on the omakase. I had a lot of fun building it and it came out just like I wanted. I would like to do another some day for one of my kids.

Here are the build details:

  • Loaded Omakase deck (33.5” x 10”)
  • Boardnamics 184 hangers
  • Boardnamics BN220 50° front baseplate
  • Boardnamics adjustable rear baseplate
  • Riptide Krank bushings
  • MAD precision cup washers
  • Boardnamics M1 gear drive (2.78 helical w/ Kegel adapters)
  • eBoosted enclosure
  • SKP 12s3p P28A battery w/ Daly BMS
  • MakerX DV6 ESC
  • Torqueboards 6355 190kv motors
  • Flipsky Bluetooth module
  • Flipsky anti spark switch (300A overkill version)
  • Flipsky VX4 remote (SKP splash screen)
  • Loaded Caguama wheels w/ Zealous bearings

I may be forgetting something but I believe this covers everything. Any questions let me know. Not looking to part out at this time but will update if that changes. Note, inside guts photo was from before the antispark switch was installed. The charge port is a barrel plug (@Skyart standard) however I do not have a charger for it (The 12S charger I have I need for my other board).

Price (USD): $800 (we can split shipping)
Located near Boston MA, willing to meet within reasonable distance.


SOLD @xsynatic :pray:t2: