FS | TB wheels, MBS Birds & Demonseed decks.

Hi everyone! I’m looking to sell these new unused parts that I’ve been holding on to. All prices are in USD +shipping. PayPal only.

Location is Springfield Ma.

MakerX go foc dv6
Price: $230

TB 110mm 72a black wheels.
Price: $90

TB 160mm w/62t pulleys & belts
Price: $100

MBS Birds deck.
Price: $80

Rayne Demonseed 42" 2nd
Price: $75

Demonseed clone 40"
Price: $35


Good morning bump :sun_with_face:

Bump. Prices updated!

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Dv6 added! Low shipping cost for anyone local!

@xsynatic please close this thread as I’ve consolidated these parts into another thread here: USA FS | DV6, F5 bindings, Maytech 6396, MBS Matrix 2, black TB110 72a wheels, Demonseed decks, eboardsperu enclosure and more! Thanks!