FS: Samsung 40T cells, 24 of them

Got some 40T cells to put a 12s2p together for the HAYA short deck, but not enough clearance in there. Just gonna use 18650s.

Sourced from imrbatteries.com

24 cells @ $6.63, plus like $8 shipping.

So what is that, $165 shipped within the US.

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i’m gonna line the bottom with neoprene, not enough space after that.


Trying to resurrect a dead boosted battery and I’m getting alot of heat from it… I might hit you up for these if no one else does

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I’ll take half of them! (12)

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Actually, I think I’ll hold off on these, my math is bad


That’s you

Not enough clearance, there like a 1mm gap


looks like you added a gasket around the perimeter - brilliant.

and the glass frit - nice.

i’m reevaluating all of my life choices right now.

thanks for the pics.


It looks like you build in your bathtub.:wink:

I ran into that issue with 21700’s on my hb92. At first they looked like they would fit but after adding padding and shrink it was like 1mm too tall. Had to add a neoprene gasket to get that space I needed.

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My bathtub is over my garage. I have all my things in the basement. Btw I know your situation well, coz someone told me that.:wink:

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Link please. That looks clean!

@BillGordon please close, nothing to see here.


He’s a little busy lol