FS Boardnamics Electric Skateboard Trucks With 6354 Motors 175mm Tires XL Idler

$300 for everything shipped. Full drivetrain and wheel setup. I’d guess that I have 50 miles on the tires and 100 on everything combined. I have another smaller board and can’t justify keeping two.

Located in Salt Lake City

Boardnamics BN220 Precision Hangers on Matrix bases

Boardnamics XL Idler motor mounts

Flipsky 6354 140kv motors

Torqueboards 175mm x 50mm pneumatic tires

All pulleys and belts included

Included spare tire, tube, belt, and tool

I also have a battery for sale if you are local to Utah, I won’t ship it. 13s4p Samsung 35e with a 60a Bluetooth bms. I’d sell it for $150

I also have 2 Flipsky 75100 Vescs if interested. $50 each

The motors are great, and the trucks are solid. No damage


Listed here as well