FS avio herringbone drive & 3DServisas helical drives

For sale OC California
AVIO MKII Herringbone drives with both bergmeister adapter and kegel adapter. Visible scratches on bottom but purely cosmetic 400
(I have bergs and TB 110mm 74A avail upon request also)
I also have a one wheel pint with maroon wheel cover.for sale 750
Fatboy 270 hanger with Fatboy urethane helical gear drive.barely used, 3d printed guards on the bottom, which have small scratches. Gear drives aren’t scratched. 10mm motor shaft. 500 (Kegel and berg adapters)

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jesus christ what does the speedbump look like? xD


No that is a mixture of hot glue and neoprene I used as makeshift guards. I haven’t gotten to scraping them off yet


Those are @3DServisas drives

Nvm saw that there are two separate listings


Are those lacroix 6396s on the 3d gear drive?

6389 but ya same thing as 6396. I used the top caps from my BioBoard 6396 tho cuz Lacroix hole pattern is 30mm not 44mm

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Are these still available? Also is the price of the Avio drive including or excluding the Kahua trucks?

Including the trucks yes I will include the trucks for 40 bucks and shipping is approx 10. So 450 total. Lemme kno of ur interested in motors also @Obsidian

What is the gear ratio on the 3ds drives?

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I think the 10mm shaft only has one option 2.4 I think. I know I chose the gearing with best top speed

Who wants I’ll sell tonite for 100 bucks cheaper

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$100 off the pint? lol

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Off the fatboy mini urethane gear drives with kegel & berg adapters . I also got some vescs and batteries… basically whatever part u need, lemme know lol I’ve got a flux deck and enclosure dor sale also. Decks too big and flat for me. Gotta shiftcaround every time i turn

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Don’t do it. Stay strong. There’s a dark side over on onewheels.

Warning to anyone considering buying from @On1yBluu , there are folks who have been ripped off and this user has gone rogue


I actually purchased the Avio drives and Kahua trucks in this thread, and although they did arrive, he took about 2 months to ship them after receiving my money. I haven’t tested them yet, but the items were as described and photographed. He stated they were only very lightly used, so if the parts don’t work properly I’ll be surprised.