Front truck wobbles? Help!

This issue irritates me every day more and more. At speeds of over 36 km/h, I always get front truck wobble. It looks scary and I don’t feel comfortable riding with wobbles.
My setup is: Kahua trucks, bergmeister wheels and riptide bushings, flexible deck.
Already tried changing:
-new inner tires
-tire preassure
-my stance
-weight shifting

Only things left to try:
-new pivot cups
-another deck

Anyone got any other idea?

See video:

Numies typically wobble sooner than thank, but 36km per hour should be fixable?

The first thing is what bushings are you using? I get they are riptide, but what sure and shape and what’s your weight? At high speed on nummies comes night be the issue. The first night be too low for eight and stance.

Also, stance. Try straightening your front for some. This will create Jess if a reaction if you instinctually front Street.


what bushing setup are you using? Maybe try harder duro or different shape bushing.

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My weight is 80kg. And my knees are always bent when on board (does that even matter?)
At the moment krank barrel bushings, 93a boardside and 90a streetside with cup washers. Tried double aps barrel 95a with both cup and flat washers.also tried boardside aps barrel 95a, streeside aps short barrel 97.5a
Before kahua and bergs, I had evolve dkp with evolve 7 inch tires and I had no wobbles even at speeds over 45 km/h
@topcloud yes it is Icarus! I had suspicion that it might be deck to blame, but again why did it work nicely with evolve dkp? I have tesseract at home which is stiff, I will try deck swap to see if problem persists.


@RipTideSports to the rescue?


Absolutely . Keeping low is important.
Good tips in this thread about how to stand and why.


Have you checked to see if a wheel is bent? It could be bent or a manufacturing defect. You can check by free spinning them or use a dial indicator to see how true they are. It could also be an out of balance problem


You could try split angles

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I’d try a stiffer deck. That’s a wide truck with alot of leverage and big wheels to boot you dont want a flexy deck for higher speeds.

Now in my experience, pnumatics are not smooth at high speed my 6 shooters vibrate a bit at 36mph but probably has to do with balancing issue that normal wheels dont have.


This wobble looks like high frequency, so maybe from unbalanced wheels. How balanced are they? You could try swap the front and rear wheels if they are any better balanced. Some people tried putting some beads inside the tube for self balancing. Or try some urethane wheels to see if its the wheels or the trucks.

Why it’s only the front truck and not both I am not sure. Is your front and rear trucks the same angle? If not I would put a minus 5 deg riser in the rear. This will give added high speed stability.

These trucks are wider than the evolve trucks right? Extra wide can exacerbate the wobble. Any way to reduce the width?

I used cone cone bushings on a wide front truck and it had a tendency to wiggle a lot over bumps, changing to barrels stopped that. So might be too much leverage.


Dear topcloud, on a deck is torsional flexibility totaly a bad thing or is it needed when ?


That definitely doesn’t seem typical.
I agree that checking for wheel balance is probably the first step.

Doesn’t seem like “Speed wobbles” in the normal sense.



@topcloud thanks for your detailed answer! :slight_smile:

btw I am using bones reds bearings.

@Skunk thanks for this link, just what I needed!

new to-do list:

-try @Deckoz stance

-mount 85mm caguamas instead of pneumis

-if there is still wobble, then it is truck, deck or my stance. let’s try new deck!

-if wheels are to blame, then try to balance them. when I spin them freely in the air, they seem to spin straight. visually they look good.

Would that green slime for tires be helpful here for balancing?

I will try split angles with new baseplate, but I don’t have any wobbles on rear wheels, only front.


oh boy; who’s gonna be the first to tell this to the few people planning builds with supercarve trucks and Evos on the other forum? :grin:

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Honestly, I’m prolly not the best to ask. I do NOT like the Evo Falcon 36, it’s too short for me to get a comfortable stance at speed. Additionally, I absolutely hate DKP trucks. To me they feel like built in wobbles, sadness and failure :slight_smile:.

@Linny has a couple of falcons, they aren’t running DKP trucks but I bet he has some he would be willing to try if its important.


IMO yes

Thanks for the tag @mmaner
I’m running the same set up as you OP, just on a 36" evo. I have zero wobbles on both front and back trucks.

Perhaps you can try a split angle set up and see if it helps. Oh also, what angle baseplates are you running on? Assuming it’s the stock Kahua ones, 45 deg?