Free warped meepo v3 & zboard 2 decks

Free except shipping. Deck only, badly warped (see pictures)

, you would have to unwarp it for it to be useable. Not sure if that possible.

What did you do to the poor thing? :eyes:


You calling him fat bro


Its fixable if you have a few straps, couple of 2x4 lumber and a heat gun.

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Perhaps with a bit of hot water too
But the deck might start to delaminate, it’s a big risk

Someone take this meepo deck before I throw it out. Maybe someone can undo what ups has wrought.

Also I have this zboard blue deck it’s seen better days but works. I don’t feel comfortable riding it since that chip of the top two layers is missing.

Perhaps someone could repair it. I have the weight sensors and pads that fit in the cut outs but I don’t suggest anyone use them. I also have the metal enclosure and enclosed belt drive, but I’m keeping those, unless you want to pair which you shouldn’t.

Take them they are free! + Shipping

Yo chuck that poopoo in the trash ain’t nobody got time for that lol. But if that zbord gets to new York cheap I could use another deck I also coincidentally ain’t got enough time for LOL. T’is is a cool looking deck for a lil cruiser to beat on and it’s got functional handles built in! Sweet!

Edit, it’s already in NY! Doubly sweeeeet

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Yeah I got too many decks on hand to justify to myself let alone my girl, I almost jumped on this cuz the z board looks really cool.
But I second the toss that meepo notion. I got 5 dollaas that says you still ain’t even used that marbel, Nicky.

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Shoot ya ain’t wrong, man… This whole year I srsly fell off building. Life really turned up last year and I have promised myself that this year I am going to get back to this hobby which had brought both so much Zen and in equal part, excitement to my life. I’ve got a dv4 for it though and I’ll see how many Tesla cells will fit inside or perhaps some iron phos cells if it’s deep enough. Planning some fruit nd maybe some kinda skin job cuz for CF, it does seem a lil flimsy to hold my ass at 200+.

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Now that I’m more knowledgeable, I’d unwrap lipo bricks and flat pack that bitch. Seems like the way to go, not much depth in there for cells, and being carbon fiber it def needs some kind of padding. Unity fits with space to spare, never test fit any other esc’s, but I think moving forward imma stick with mostly stormcore’s unless use case says I can’t.

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oh just what I was looking for. Is it still avalible?

Which one?

either I just need a deck lol

The zboard is most likely claimed, I’ll let you know if it falls through. The meepo is badly warped, do you think you can fix it?

Yeah the warped thing doesn’t really matter to me

It’s not ridable until it’s fixed

I can 99% ride it as is lol. Have allot of regular longboarding experience also if its really super bad then I can run different sized wheels

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Alright, I’ll try and figure out the cost to ship if you dm your zip code. It’ll be a couple days before I get a chance to calculate it.

Youre out of line, but you’re not wrong.

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