[FREE] Remaining Nexus stock

Hey all,
I’ve been winding down nexus boards, and now due to a side-project which has gained a lot of traction the rest of the stock is now a burden more than anything, so all remaining stock is now free to whoever wants to pick it up.

As of now, I’m not able to ship the stuff

Pick up is from Bristol city center (UK)

Those who bought hummie bundles (costing around 110 GBP) will actually receive a box filled with as many parts as I can ship to whereever you are for 110 GBP in addition to the hummie deck, enclosure and other parts already in the bundle.

But its likely there will be bits left over. Primarily,

  • Motor pulleys and wheel pulleys
  • Hangers
  • Cabling, some battery materials (Although 18650 CLUB is remaining in business, and all warranty for nexus is transferrable there, so if people have parts fail I will retain a small amount of stock to replace or refund through there)
  • RipTide stuff, Heatsinks and other small extras.
  • Other spares

I will be removing everything by the 9th of May. Anyone is free to drop me a DM and ask to pick stuff up before then. Depending on numbers of people, I will divide stock up a bit so 1 person doesn’t take everything.

Thanks for all the people who kept supporting Nexus, without this community I wouldn’t have made it through college!


If you have any spare pulleys/keys for an 8mm motor shaft id love to give them a loving home. Im in the U.S. though id happily pay shipping :slight_smile:

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Heat sinks, cables, battery supplies and bushings/hardware I would be happy to take off your hands as well. I’m also in US but can pay shipping as well! Ty in advance!

Was just about to place a riptide order, would love to buy what you’ve got! I’m based in the US, but happy to pay for shipping.

Was nexus selling batteries at some point under a different commpany name? Ive been out of touch on this forum for a while but need a battery shipped to UK and pretty sure he was doing them

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Just make sure you’ve got 6 months to wait for it

Not the batteries, the nexus stuff

I’m still around and collecting up parts, but at any point if you want a refund and something is taking too long just ask for it

Thanks for the reply. I have sent you a couple of messages, both public and private, but I’d much prefer the order to be shipped so I didn’t ask for a refund. Could you give an update on when you’re planning to ship?

With all due respect because I’ve bought from you before and know you’re not a total scammer, this is unreasonable and very unprofessional.

You replied within a couple of hours as soon as it might affect your other business, but won’t reply for months at a time when several of us have asked for updates. You’ve clearly sold a bunch of those bundles, so you’ve had about a grand of other peoples’ money for half a year. You said several times that they’re shipping today, or within a week, or before Christmas.

This needs to be a higher priority. A refund after holding money for this long and saying you’d ship several times is not sufficient: you don’t get to take people’s money on a promise and then unilaterally decide whether to honour it or not later. Buyers don’t get to back out of a sale 6 months after goods are delivered because they changed their mind, you don’t either, this is blatantly illegal


Yea I know, it’s a shitty situation. But to be clear:

  • The items received value/amount go far, far beyond what was originally sold. Everyone has consented to waiting a while to get extra stuff.
  • Anyone can at any point ask for a refund, even if they ordered 6 months ago the funds have not been spent on anything
  • Anyone can contact me for a faster update on text/whatsapp/call on +44 7498054590

We didn’t consent to waiting anywhere I can see. I personally said in a PM that I was ok with waiting a little, because you said soon after payment that the first batch were shipping and without 270 hangers but you might have 270s in the next batch.

In no world does that mean 7 months. On top of that, even if we had agreed, you’ve given many false delivery timelines. You’re also not addressing the fact that even if you haven’t spent the money, you’ve had access to all of our funds while we haven’t. Offering a refund with no product after this long doesn’t make it equitable.

We didn’t sign up to a lottery, or to invest in potential big payouts, we paid for goods from a shop. Send them. Stop shifting the timelines, stop making excuses, we’ve been more than patient enough.

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