Free 18650s in Austin, TX [All Gone]

edit: All cells have new homes

I’m cleaning out my workspace, and I’m trying to dispose of a huge battery pack. Its made up of about ~1000 samsung 25rs spot-welded together. They have been treated well and are currently being stored at 3.75V per cell. They are no longer of use to me, and I would prefer they see a full lifetime of use, rather than becoming e-waste.

If anyone wants some of these cells they are free to as many as they can safely take. Unless someone knows a trick for removing tabs, they will have a spot-welded tab on them, but I figure you could just spot-weld on top of the tab. I’m very new to this site (literally just joined to post this) so DM me(?) if that a thing you can do. Due to the large number of cells and my situation, it will be a pickup only sort of deal. Finally, if you desperately want to pay for these cells, all money will go to help safely dispose of some of the other, less enticing e-waste.


Type: used Samsung 25r
Stock: ~1000 0
Location: Austin TX


I have 6 0 of these^


someone in austin tx should pick these up and organise a group buy on them? Thoughts? Im in australia so no way ill be able to get in on it but I feel it could benefit the community here greatly.


try listing this on endless sphere too

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I’ll take 72 for a 12s6p build :woozy_face:


I would gladly take a chunk, especially since a couple of my packs are on the way out… but do you ship within the US? Or are these pickup only?

Free powerwall for solar power shenanigans? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If you were in my radius I’d already taken em all and left you with some wet kisses.


12s20p anyone?

maybe 10s20p @b264


I’ll take one. If you can ship to San Francisco.

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@BigZwatt Go pick these up! Whatever he’ll give you, you take. We’ll talk after the score

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Dibs. Pmed


Here I am paying for my 25Rs like a sucker.
Somebody please build something ridiculously overpowered with these.

I would pay shipping too if someone ends up taking them over. Group buy ftw.

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I would live to have one of these for a trike I’m building. I’m happy to pay shipping if that’s possible.



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Thanks for offering this, Carson.