[for sale - US] newbee pentagram v2 + meepo tubeless race tires

Newbee pentagram v2 hubs with meepo tubeless race tires (with 165mm meepo tubes). Everything is in excellent condition.

$325 shipped to USA.


Can you post a picture of the back side of a wheel?


The hubs are MBS bolt pattern and have hardware long enough to use with boardnamics AT gear drive.



you still have em? and how wide are they between the rims?

edit: nvm, you already sold em

I have another set I’d sell but it’s going to be a few months before I’m back in town to sell them. Also, the race tires are still available.

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oh sweet, how wide is the tire seat?

61mm IIRC - or did you want to know the bead diameter?

i’ll buy em off ya with the tires then

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i won’t take the pulleys tho, planning on making the switch to gear drive

Ok cool - I’ll hit you up when I get back in a few months. You have first dibs to buy them and the wheels.

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sweet, thanks bro and safe travels

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