For Sale: TSG Pass

The helmet is sold…


TSG needs to make a XXL…my head is too big, and my skull is as well.


It’s a tight fit on me too, I was glad I had mine when I face planted on a brick tho :slight_smile:


Well you saw my helmet. It should lessen the damage, but I’d like to have a bit more there, I feel like the jaw could snap away in a hard impact.

Maybe I’ll look into that helmet Tim has.


I use the Demon United full face now, it’s a lot cheaper and great for summer.


I really really want a Bell full 9. Comfiest thing I have put on.


How’s the viewing angle? (Fov?)

It’s better than most other full face. I don’t have to turn my head to see anymore than I do in a can.


How do you measure for these? I know I have a big dome, but like, where/what do I measure? All my motorcycle helmets fit.

Suzanne Collins and Rick Yancey series really give us an insight into your mind Mike.

There’s a chart with the pass on it. It’s quite a tight fit so be slightly conservative using the chart. I can’t get one onto my fat head.

Thats why I was asking what/where to measure. I bought my moto helmets in shop.

The tight fit aspect, I re-read, thank you!

I’m so glad I tried the pass on in a shop, it was clear that it didnt fit. I had to do it when I was randomly in London though for something else because there’s no retailers around me here.

Sorry for the sort of derail

Not too much of a derail, I’m hoping I can snatch this up for my woman. Need to be sure. She wants to get into riding but I won’t let her step on one without a PROPER helmet and my bike helmets are too heavy for her.

Better than the one you have now??

What was the brand of that one again?

I really like my bell, just wondering if I take a full face to the road if it will hold up well enough.

I am utterly confused :slight_smile:

Around your head, like you would for a hat. Essentially the largest part of your head, measure the perimeter.

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That’s what I thought, but I was looking for the variance, as I’ve seen alot of reviews saying they fit small. Didnt know if I should be looking at +1, +2, or just measure like not a moron.

Typically its +/-2cm on helmets, but the TSG Pass and TSG Pass Pro run small. Not sure if I can define an exact delimiter as I’ve only owned a couple.

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Your books!