FOR SALE: OneWheel XR USED 800 miles w/ extras (SOLD)

EDIT: SOLD($1400)(craigslist)

I’m selling my OneWheel XR. Asking $1500+ Shipping. Tire has plenty of life left for the new owner. Comes with new skid plates for the bottom that I bought with it and never used(they aren’t installed). Also comes with the wheel guard(installed since day 1).

It’s in good shape, but it does have some scratches here and there that every onewheel has. This thing still works exactly like it did on day 1. I bought it, turned it on and rode it I haven’t had to do any maintenance.

I would prefer to keep it in the US for easier shipping. Local pickup in Bay Area California is also an option.

I doubt you’ll get $1500, they are on FB for alot cheaper.

Also, warning…alot of esk8 guys despise OW’s…I get shit for owning one alot. Have fun!


Yea iv’e been here awhile I know the attitude towards onewheel. :p.

But theres still a lot of people that like them. I think it’s built like a tank.

I’m obviously open to offers


I dig mine, I enjoy riding it, it just cant replace a real skateboard for me. Its like snowboarding on the street IMO.

Are you part of the OW FB group? I see alot of them getting sold on there as well.

@Fiori you traitor. I’ve added you to the list.

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Is the dog included in the price? Gorgeous dog!

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Puppy not included :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks, he’s a handful.

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Look Eric!! A friend for you to play with.


@Itsmedant needs him.

Interested in a raptor 2? We could work something out.

No thanks sold my R2 spot a long long time ago. Thanks though

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If you’re willing to part it out, I’d definitely buy your controller module

Probably won’t be parting it out

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I read lots of comments about OW rate of injuries pretty high compared to esk8.

I just took my first fall on it after 800 miles. Surprisingly Iv’e fallen way more often on my regular esk8.

I think it’s easier to fall on the onewheel though if you are being reckless or just not paying attention.

I also found that the onehweel learning curve is much higher than I expected. It took me at least 2-4 weeks to really feel comfortable on it for commuting. But once I had it down it feels amazingly smooth to cruise on. Night rides with music on the onehweel are different than anything else I’ve ever rode.

Edit: I feel like most people here didnt put the effort in to learning to ride the onewheel before writing it off.


A local guy wants to trade me a two-week-old boosted mini x and about $800 cash for the one wheel.

I Actually feel like it’s a decent deal what do you guys think.

Just got a full cash $1400 offer from Craigslist. Probably gonna take it.


SOLD ($1400)


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