For posterity - The black sheep | MBS comp 95 | modded matrix 1st gen | Dual Sk8 6374 130KV | ATC motor mounts | 8S Turnigy graphene | Dual FOCBOX

As the title says I’m doing writing this thread for posterity. It is the first build I ever did and was first posted on the builders forum. Since I’ve moved to this forum I guess it is only natural to move this build here too.
I’ve parted out this board and sold the majority to @PrivacyDoctor. Right now I only own a @BuildKitBoards dual kit and a new build is in the planning/procurement phase.

So here it is

  • Extracting the axles from old style matrix trucks… Started with the wrong method

  • After destroying the threads on 2 nuts I made a tool that actually worked pretty good. Should have started with that. Works by moving the top part with the nuts underneath.

  • Pulling theses axles took way more time than expected. Once pulled a quick trip to the lathe (a very crappy one…) And it was done 9.525 axles for old school matrix trucks. I know the finish isn’t great but the lathe I used had shitty tools and tons of chatter…

  • I hear everyone screaming “Why go through such trouble to reduce the diameter of perfectly good axles”. I don’t know why but, at the time, I was obsessed with kaly boards especially the ones with shaved down mbs wheels and wanted to replicate that to some extent. Having a small budget lead to all the stuff above. So I got super bright orange msb 100mm wheels

  • Next up was some cosmetic work, I very much disliked the mbs graphics that was on the board. I removed it planning on staining the top or something but didn’t get around to it. I was also planning to do some surgery to the deck so it would look a little more like a prototipo… yet again did not get around to it.

  • Here is the photos that I have from the finished board before/during dismantling for the partout

  • This is when I wanted to convert it to run 9inch tires with a chain drive but ended up scraping the project in favor of aquiring a BKB dual kit and starting another build.

During all that time I always wanted a small board specifically a spud, I bought the deck 2 years ago from Muir skate and it is presently waiting for parts. My next “getting though Canadian winter” build will definitively be a mountain board with big ass tires (probably mud pluggers) so I can ride 365 days a year; in pouring rain, snow storms, in freezing rain (will need studded tires for that), I want that board to be unstoppable. When I’ll start ordering parts this fall I’ll need you guys help for mother nature proofing the shit out of that board :nerd_face:.

Just to reiterate, I have sold everything to have a fresh start, only things I kept are the MBS wheels and some 36t abec pulley cuz why not. I sold everything to start fresh and get a reliable board for daily use. Now that I have a reliable daily driver I need other boards in case stuff breaks so I can ride every day :slight_smile:.

This was a fun first build that got me really hooked into the ek8 world and made me discover the amazing comunity, even if this build was not fully completed to 100% its potential I am grateful for everything that I’ve learned!

Cheers from the north!


Beautifully done man🤙

I want something like this with the battery under the deck


Appreciate you moving the thread over and updating it!


If you have the budget go with trampa trucks, as they are available with 9.525mm axles i.e. you wont need to lathe them down.

Also this setup with the mbs100mm wheels had almost no ground clearance I would def recommend tb110s and maybe even adding risers to get more clearance under the board, especially if you want the battery under the deck. For enclosures look at the offerings from eboosted and kalynyc double check the measurements and you should be golden :ok_hand:.

Honestly if I were to do it again I would build it on pneumies straight away. More comfort and suits the board better. That said PU on mtb is really a cool feeling setup.

Yeah I had a little bit of time to kill so why the heck not :wink:.
Have you done anything yet with the gigantic box I’ve sent you? I’m really curious!

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I must shamefully admit: No, shortly after I got it, I lost access to the place that I was storing it due to Covid, and am yet to regain it. It’s a shame.

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Damn that is sad! :frowning: Hope you get your access back soon!

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