FOFRBOARD I Jet Potato 37 I TB218 I 10S3P 30Q I FSESC 4.12 I FLIPSKY 6354 I 110mm

Hey guys, check out my new build. All parts that could be 3d printed are 3d printed, this includes enclosure, motor mount assembly, pulleys, risers and 18650 brackets.

Here is the whole assembly in Fusion 360.

Deck: Jet Potato Deerhunter 37
Trucks: Torqueboards 218 mm
Wheels: Rough stuff 110mm
Battery: Custom 3d printed compression pack (@Winfly inspired) 10s3p 30q
ESC: 2x Flipsky FSESC 4.12
Motors: 2x Flipsky 6354

And here is it being assembled.


That’s a really nice build!!! Good job! Really curious how the 3d printed mounts will hold up.

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Thanks a lot. The mounts seem to hold up really well, they have around 200km on them so far, being so high off the ground thanks to those huge wheels might help too.

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I’m think my next board will be this. My current long board is just too long and awkward to store at work.

I really like the enclosure. Looks clean.

Thanks, it was an awful lot of sanding though :smile:

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Really nice build!

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Killer spud man!

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I’ve wanted to make a board in this form factor for a while now. Looks great! how is the turning with those giant wheels on the short wheelbase?

Nice build. I love that so many parts are 3D printed. What material did you choose?

Also can you show us how you built the battery pack.

The enclosure was printed from PET-G in three pieces and glued together like this:

The drivetrain is printed in ABS except the pulleys, which are PET-G. I found the layer adhesion was not so great and the prongs keept breaking.

The battery looks like this.

What is different from the Winfly’s design are the printed spacers, they are cheaper than the nylon standoffs and can be made to the exact fit. The pack is also more compact. I designed these to be used in a Hummie deck, which means they must have less than 72,5mm in length in order to fit into the cutout. The last difference is that I am using wider braided wire, 15mm to be exact, this means it should have no problems transferring up to 100 amps.


I would say the wheelbase is not so short :smiley: it turns okay, however I am using stock bushings, which are, as we know, rubbish, so there is definitely room for improvement.

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you’re not going to set your battery max to 100a though, right?

This is awesome! How did you make sure that the braided wire won’t short near the positive end of the battery? Plastic ring or extra fisch/fish paper?

Just those cheap paper insulation rings, nothing special.

Not this one, but I like the idea of building something like 12s5p using these parts and braided wire.

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This is a great build! At some point I expect your mounts will give in, unless you’ve found a way that others haven’t. The vibrations are the killer, after a while they rip everything apart, including some aluminium mounts!

Watch out for pinch points on your balance wires, all grouped together like that with a tie and a hard surface underneath, if they wear through from vibration (which will happen eventually) they will short and this is what has lead to most battery fires in esk8 in the past.

Sorry to be the battery police! Just don’t want to see another bit of pride and joy burning in the street :frowning:


good eye, didn’t even see that

Thanks, you’re right. Will fix asap!

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Such a clean build. Great idea and hopefully everything will hold up.