FOCBOX Unity Mounting/Enclosure

I have a focbox unity coming for my mountain board. I am curious to see how others have mounted theirs, and what enclosure options there are. Needs to be very water resistant.

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Pelican 1040 case, use longer truck mounting bolts to hold it in place, JB Weld the shit out of the power and phase connectors

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I see what you mean now. I believe 3dservisas makes a case? @3DServisas is this still the case?

Yall see what I did there?


Haha nice

I made a custom heatsink for mine and they live on top of my battery underneath a custom fibreglass enclosure.


Sick. I took the heatsink of my fried 6.6 dual and am going to attach it to my custom enclosure and am thinking I’ll just stick the unity right on in there


Which portion are you talking about jb welding

I will be welding a male XT90 and 2 female MR60 connectors from the inside of the enclosure, it basically makes the ESC permanent but at least it’s safe

Huh that’s interesting

I really like that box, great choice.

The battery enclosure?

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Thanks. Yeah I’ve seen those. Just surprised they are really the only enclosures out there. For now I think ill mod my current one for the unity

Yeah, lol. I like boxes, especially book boxes. But your box looks really nice on your board.



I love their boxes but just wish they had 1 or 2 cable glands instead.

I’ve always been curious if you could snip off the spiral stuff right up to the gland to make it blend in. Do you think it could be done?


It can definitely be done, yeah, but it’ll look a bit crappy. You could also just get a set of replacement M12 glands that don’t have the spiral on them.

Edit: I think if you’ve got wider apertures for more cables, you’re just going to compromise on its watertightness.

Edit2: M12!

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Is the unity actually connected to the heatsink? Would be more efficient that way.

What size cable glands would work for 12awg silicone wire. I don’t feel like having to silicone the openings in my enclosure… Gets too messy

Yes. It would be silly to have a heatsink and not fix the Unity to it.

These are the glands. Bit too big for 12 AWG.