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focbox unity issues

im getting a weird issue on my unity where when the motors are plugged in one way it shows as one motor unsensored and when i switch the motors round they are both showing up as sensored. also on my davega only one temperature setting is showing. is this an esc or motor issue?

I’m running fw 5.2

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Sounds like a sensor issue on the one side of the unity that isn’t picking up either motor. Might just be dead unfortunately.

But if the side that worked well won’t pick up the other motor, I’d check the entire cable for breakages and disconnects, especially any adapters if you used them.

ie i need a new esc?

Or you could try HFI and omit the motor hall sensors.

It’s effectively sensors for sensor-less motors.

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ftfy, but if u r using anything other than hub motors, that noise shouldn’t be a big deal, its just a beep sound for like 2s before it quiet down

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I had this problem a few days ago. Wish I could say the way I sorted it but they all showed hall sensors after some rearranging.

The strange problem I was having is for 4WD when setting up on the vesc tool it was only displaying 3x vesc out of 4 on the 2 focbox’s unitys instead of 4.

After trying to re-detect motors it now only shows 2x vesc ie 1 unity and only detected one set of motors.

I had to call it a night but something weird is going on also using 5.2 firmware.