focbox turning itself off

hey, i have a problem with my focbox unity, its turning on, but the power switch isnt lighting up, after a few seconds the little blue light on the esc turns off, for the few seconds its working i cant connect to it with the vesc tool .
thanks for your help

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Are you turning it on with the switch or just by connecting power to it?

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it is connected to the battery, and i use the power switch

If you

  • disconnect power
  • unplug the switch
  • connect these together labeled “MOM”

  • then reconnect power

then what happens?

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Is the delay ten seconds long, or not ten seconds long?

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it is about 10 seconds, so you want me to short MOM?

it takes 18 seconds turn itself off when whorting MOM

What’s the battery voltage ?

it was plugged into a 13s battery for 5 sec, but i looked up the voltage that the unity can handle and it says 60v sooo, yeah

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technically u can, but little voltage spike is gonna pop it

If you didn’t run any motors that might be fine, but I would not run or detect any motors on that battery and I wouldn’t recommend using it at all on a Unity. You should get a Spintend Ubox for that.

i did not run it just powered it for a few seconds before i realised my mistake

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