Focbox tenka firmware issues

So my friend has a tenka, it wouldn’t recognize my vx2 remote so my friend started messing with the firmware, long story short it now thinks it’s an Ubox (says hardware version is 75_300_2R) FW is 5.3
Only the local side shows up in the can bus menu. It wont stay on, only way to get it working is to hold down the power button. I don’t know what happened, I don’t know how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Do I need an stlink programmer to fix this shit or can I do it with the vesc tool?

You can fix it via swd port if you have a second VESC based esc that works.
Buuut you need to get to the swd port, not sure where to find it on the tenka and how much of the potting you need to remove to get there.

Hold the power button to keep it on, connect to the vesc tool over USB, go to the firmware tab, and load the correct firmware using the custom tab

Download vesc_default.bin from here

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Also tell your friend to stop messing around with things he (seemingly) doesn’t understand.


By the way…if your Tenka doesn’t easily take a firmware reflash through VESC tool, and you try to program it via SWD, there’s a chance you’ll get a serial port error and unfixably brick it.

Don’t buy Tenkas or Unities ever. The factory churns out garbage, and Massive Stator is unable and unwilling to address it.


Some customer of me bought this and had to setup, after some trying out with the Laptop the easiest way is to Download the Focbox app an flash it through Bluetooth.

I have made a small video:

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