FocBox Single - Do these quit working for no good reason? Ways to fix?

I have a Lacroix Prototipo with dual FocBoxes. I went for a ride on Wednesday, and after I recharged the board, one of the motors no longer works. So I checked the motor on another ESC and the motor works (so it’s not a motor problem).

Then I hooked-up the FocBoxes to the VESC Tool and ran the Motor Set-Up Wizard. One of the motors is not being read by one of the FocBoxes. But the other motor works perfectly, The lights on the broken FocBox still light up green and blue - but it is not sending any signal to the motor.

Do FocBoxes just stop working for no good reason? If so, is there any way to fix this?

feels like maybe a broken wire? maybe one of the sensor wires.

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I got tired of messing with the old FocBoxes to keep the board running. So I just installed a Maker X in the board and everything works great. It was time for an upgrade anyway.