FOC tuning discussion

For me I crank up the brake current as high as needed for strong brakes, you normally won’t use all the braking power, but will be glad that you have it when needed

Even if it degrades the cells faster, the battery can be replaced, body parts not so easily

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If you sent me 12x 30q I would do a bench test for this Szenario with my 10A Charger :wink:

Just wanted to chime back in. Got the brakes raised to 55 and I can lock them up now! Thanks guys!!! This thing is a damn rocketship now!


ive thrown 30Q in parallel when one is 3v and the other 4 and barely even noticed any heat increase. after five minutes they had come not far from an even balance and I think they were about .3v spread.

I forget the current flow that was occurring that I figured doing ohm’s law and the two cell’s internal resistance but it was huge. the danger being the charging cell really and it was at 3v as apposed to close to full charge and that makes a big difference. but you could find the internal resistance of those cell’s on the web as I forget it, and then throw a 4v and 4.2 in parallel to see what temp increase you could get. I bet it barely warms up.

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