foam in the tires

Stumbled on this


reminded me of @kook’s more professional. (but as yet incomplete? ) experiment to run foam in place of tubes.

I’m sure these are somehow crap… ;). I wonder what the target application is? scooters? anyone want to give em a try?

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They are designed for things like carts and dollies where the wheel doesn’t transfer torque, the outward pressure of the foam is enough to hold the tire on the rim but it slips under torque so your rear hubs will spin in the tire rather than moving you. The advantage is they don’t go flat and they are cheap as fuck but it’s not that good for us


that is a solid answer. thanks. :slight_smile:


yeah, you NEED to preload the foam, to force the tire bead to bind to the hub, and then you need to add enough foam pressure to achieve the tire feel (psi)… it’s more of a black arcane art

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Remove cap from inner tube, fill, hope for the best


won’t work



If only tubeless existed in esk8 :thinking:


Those honeycomb style wheels sells by ownboard?

so our hubs bolt together. What if you used a ring of some sort that went around the hub and pressed the bead against the sidewall. pressure coming from bolting the hub, squeezing rim -> bead - ring - bead <- rim together. then foam in the rest of the space.

Though, I guess you need the same equiv PSI int he rest of the space, which would still need to come from the foam, or you’re just running effectively really low PSI.

that does feel like,


Have you ever changed a car tire with just hand tools? Doing a tubeless esk8 tire would be even more difficult due to the small size, and larger things stretch more than smaller things.


Plus getting it off will damange the hub if you make it from alu since its soft af, we can go stainless ofc, but its expensive and heavy.

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yeah, but still possible for humanity :grinning:

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They do but suck

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I have an idea to put a layer of kevlar fabric in the tyre like 2mm thick and then put in the tube, just don’t have the time to try it out though…

I haven’t on a car, but have on a bike.

Though I do see the issue now :sweat_smile:

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