Flux linkage detection failed (Motor detection)

Hey, I came across this issue, where when I am running motor detection, I got a message saying “Flux linkage detection failed”
I have made some researches on other forums and all I found is that I should make sure nothing is obstructing the motor while having it turn.
I have found something quite odd, when my board is on, the “broken” side has the motor applying resistance on it, when it’s powered off, nothing happens and the wheels could freespin.

Setup: dual focbox
flipsky 6374 motors.
Thank you for your help.

Set your current a little bit higher in the motor detection and try again to run the detection.

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When I turn on my board, that side feels like if it is braking, without any input from my side.

No phase wires bumping eachother? That should cause braking even with board off but still a point to check.

Right, hmm I haven’t isolated those yet.
But I made sure they aren’t touching, turned on the board, one side seems to have “brakes” on…
I’ll try to upload a video to show this


Can you take the same video with the board powered off? Not that I don’t believe you, just want to see the comparative resistance.

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Random tests to try:

  1. Unplug 1 phase wire and see if the issue persists while on

  2. Swap 2 phase wires and see

  3. Swap phase wires between left and right motor and see if the problem moves to the other side

Seems like the problem is coming from the ESC, switched my motors wires with each other, now the problem appears on the other side.

Good to know. Check the soldering/connections at the esc and send a photo of the focbox in question

Probably the end connectors :sweat_smile:?

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ok yes, might have found the issue, when I plug/unplug one of that 4.0mm connector^ it fixes the problem. if I plug in the single cable back in, it makes the motor brake. I’ll try to resolder that one.


Excellent find! Let me know how it goes my dude.

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The problem doesn’t seem to be from the outside, everything seem to work find there. Perhaps something in the inside is wrong? The cable that fucks everything up is that middle one^.

Hmm after this, I just can’t have it detect the flux linkage.

Looks like your bullet connectors are not insulated.

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Test for continuity on your multi meter and do all combinations of phase wires

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Yeah, I was going to insulate them at the end. After having done everything.
Any idea why is there that error?

Edit: when turned on, it just brakes without any input, I don’t know why is it doing this behavior.