Flipsky - Will I be scammed?

I’m interested in buying the 15.2" DKP trucks with motor mounts from Flipsky (haven’t found them anywhere else) but talking to their rep (Alice) has got me weary of proceeding, the sort of feeling one gets when getting scammed - see pics below for context

Has anyone dealt directly with Alice/Flipsky? Have you had issues in the past?

Thank you for the feedback!

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You might , might not. Search through the forum on flipsky products and make that determination.

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It’s flipsky… But Alice isn’t a scammer, I have her in my friendlist. Iirc I brought her here


With Flipsky there are good products and bad products.

Their FSESC 6.6 DUAL with big capacitors and NO ANTISPARK switch is great. Their latest 6374 motor from the group buy looks good too. But many had problems with some ESC (those with antisparks) and 80100 motors. Anyway I’ve seen some have problems with new trendy Lacroix Stormcore and nobody call them Lashit… You should look for reviews for this specific product.


I think people expecting them to be bulletproof isn’t the right move, especially while they try to break the mold and push limits.

Flipsky only doesn’t get my recommendation for overstating their performance and not actually being “cheap” enough for the quality you are getting. They sell like mid-range products.


Flipsky used to be the best value. But not that you can get aliexpress unities, 60D, maker-x stuff and even the new esc which people are going to test soon (Forget what its called, the red dual one) the value isn’t as good. Flipsky used to be half the price of anything else.
If they put more realistic specs I think there wouldn’t be as many complaints. Its almost impossible to kill a 4.20 dual on like 50A 10S, the hardware just runs properly on those values without issues. Its when they rate as 13S and you get people running 12S with a long ass wire that spikes the voltage and kills the unit sometimes immediately that issues become more and more prevalent.


as for OP, I don’t think flipsky has any record of actually scamming people. They always send the product, but if it has issues there is a chance the support will leave you high and dry


They shouldn’t be. I mean come on, they aren’t even released yet :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


terrible company from reading around


Step 1) Get her to assure you she sending the right trucks

Step 2) Use paypal protection and buy them

Step 3a) If they are the right ones, kazoo noises you win!

Step 3b) If they are the wrong trucks, buyers protection that shit. (and potentially send the trucks back… But only if flipsky pays for the return shipping.)



I think that’s sensible advice… Thank you!


Do you mean the Uboxfrom Spintend? I am really looking forward to see it in action. If it works then it will satisfy the majority of the HV demand. Planning to import it in EU?

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Personalyl only dealed with the local Chinese team, no the international one. In my case they made me several custom Kv motors, sent remotes and ESC. So far only one FESC 6 got 2 yearss back with a GB died on me. It actually started a small fire inside the enclosure. Still have it sticked to the wall :laughing:
For the rest all good. I agree that now prices are not reflecting the previous one. You can buy better.


If the spintend is good I will want to stock it in my store yea :smiley:

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fingers crossed man, fingers crossed. Do you know someone who ordered it already?

I think I saw a couple people, maybe I should just buy 1

I contacted the guy and he seems really nice. Gave him a list of important points in order to present the product on the forum with most of the initial questions covered.

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