Flipsky VX1 remote modes and VESC question

I’m planning my new build over the winter and the flipsky VX1 seems like a good remote because I really want the modes. (I have been riding a deck swapped, battery swapped meepo)

If I set the VESC settings to motor max 80a for the max acceleration (Assuming my motors can take it). Some would say it’ll be “jerky and unpredictable” if the user isn’t ready. For mode 4, that’s fine, and I want a beast board.

My question: What would happen on speed mode 1?
A) You still get jerked off the start line if you max throttle, but top speed caps at ~15km/h (Or whatever the limit is)

B) You accelerate slower than mode 4 and the top speed is capped at whatever the limit is.

Right now, the hobbywing and yi liang ESC’s do option B. Each mode has capped acceleration and top speed. And mode 4 is 100% everything.

I was wondering if it would be possible to replicate that with the VESC. For friends that want to try it, chill riding, etc without having to re-program it each time


Based on feel it limits the acceleration but not speed, but that’s in UART mode, might be speed capped in PPM mode?

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The VX1 speed modes change the accel, and I think limits the motor duty. Accel is significantly weaker in mode 1 and 2. Afaik top speed stays the same. This is in PPM mode.

I would argue that it’s strong & predictable instead, since you’re controlling the current.

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oh thats unexpected!
Never would have though the top speed is the same for all modes.

I guess that’ll suit my needs :slight_smile:

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it stays the same because it’s only limiting the duty or current, and not imposing an rpm limit.

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@pundahh is right. I’m using a VX1 with a Unity in PPM mode and it definitely doesn’t limit top speed.

Mode 1 (green) is painfully slow, a great beginner mode. I keep in in mode 3 (red) and never really think about changing it unless I let others try my board. I find it much easier to hold a desired speed with my Unity/VX1 than it was with the Meepo. However, I do wish it would let me pin the throttle but cap the speed at 20mph if I felt inclined to do so.


You would only feel the change in acceleration, for example, in beginner mode you’re only using 40% of the throttle or something like that and in the normal mode you’re using 100% of the throttle.

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shipping where from? I’ll take one or two!

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