Flipsky trucks with motormounts 204mm

These are laying here and i only used them for my testbench.

The trucks are from flipsky and have 204mm hangers
These are also the mounts for these trucks.

I am cleaning out the parts I can not use anymore so they can go for €35 (without shipping)

In my honest opinion they are not good looking and to fit the mounts they milled of the back truck.

I have no use for them, but maybe someone else does.

Total Length: 271mm
hanger length: 204mm
axle length:33.5mm
axle diameter: 8mm

Message me the following if you want to buy these:

  • Full name
  • Shipping adress
  • Email adress
  • Paypal email
  • Phone number (for shipping company)
  • Followed by payment trough paypal to info@markoneboards.com
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