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Flipsky support AWOL?

So about 8 weeks ago my dual FSESC 6 diee on me, and then I spent the next 2 weeks troubleshooting it and reaching out to Flipsky for assistance. 6 weeks ago they sent me their address to ship it back to, and yesterday I asked about the status of it since they said they’d let me know when it arrived and it had been double the normal length of time it takes to ship to China. Today, it looks like their page on Facebook (where their communication is) is now gone

It’s been a bit over two months my board has been deconstructed waiting resolution, and now I have sent back one of my faulty units and communications are dark.

Is Flipsky support AWOL?

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No email?

Why is Flipsky so shit?

Back at the beginning of the process I tried email but Facebook messenger was much more consistent response rate

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By email I get responses in 3 days sometimes 1 day. I’m waiting on replacement Vx1 recievers right now. I know it’s not getting here anytime soon, since it takes forever for other things I ordered from them in the past.

Flipsky: There have been something wrong with our company Facebook since our National Day Holiday. We have applied reviews and suppose the be recovered after Oct. 12th.


What happened to it? My flipsky dual 6.6 lasted for 3km and then one whole side just died.

Let’s compare

Flipsky - has product, bad support
Enertion - has no product, bad support

Jokes aside, the best way to get ahold of Chinese companies is through wechat. Usually it’s the same number as the one listed on their site. (which I won’t copy/paste here as I don’t know what filters are on posts, but scroll to the bottom of their webpage and you’ll find it)


Same. Not recognized by stlink either

This is super helpful!