Flipsky motor pulley and my motor shaft doesnt fit.

So… I brought this motor that is 10mm shaft which it is. Then I brought Flipsky motor pulley that is 10mm as well. It just the flat section is 0.50mm off.Anyone had this issue before.

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This is easily fixable by sanding the shaft flat spot down to accept the pulley.

Yeah, it’s one of the several reasons to avoid using D pulleys and shafts. Your best option is to take a dremel or grinder, or other abrasive tool to the shaft and remove material until it fits.

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Lmao nvm

I’m dumb @ times. Might have smoked too much Mary J Wanna lol

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He’s measuring across the flat.

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should I sand down the motor shaft or Pulley? Which one will be the important part?

You should sand down the motor shaft because it’s easier.

What’s important is that they fit.


Is this one of those 6374 170kv motors? If so, I’ve had six pairs of them and about for about half of them, I had to sand down the shafts. Annoying, but easy.


Weird, the motor is out of spec. I was just looking in to this shopping for pulleys for a 10mm D shaft motor. All the Flipskys have the flat spec’ed as 8.5mm.


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I’d argue the best option may be for the seller to make it right.

But it’s Flipsky :grimacing:

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Same with flip round 8mm shaft. The keyway was fouled slightly. But a plus was, I removed JUST enough, so that the pulley had ZERO SLOP anywhere. So, the pulley doesnt loosen ever, without thread lock.