Flipsky Esc 6.7 70A FET temperature cut off

Hi all, I need a little of help …
I am using a Flipsky Esc 6.7 70A configured for 12s and max motore amps 50A.
In the winter I never had problems(obviusly…) but with an external temperature of 34 C the esc cut the power when the FET temperature is about 50C degree.
I get the values using the Vesc Tool and real time monitoring.
The problem Is the firmware ?
Thanks for the responses.

whats your temp cutoff set at?

The default value 80C .

whats the motor temp when a cutoff happens?

Sorry, I was busy with my job.

The motors temaind cold.

Maybe this Is the real difference between fsec6.7 mini and fsec6.7 normal wich has more MOSFET .

could be a thermal spike or literally anything. :smiley: Slap a bigger heatsink on it and see if the problem persists.

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Thanks, yes I will try with a bigger hearsink with a BIG fan :joy:

Fun fact, when you’re riding your heat sink (if exposed to the outside) is already actively cooled, so a fan is not needed. :smiley:

Have you had any successful with heatsinks?