Flipsky Dual 6.6 Mini without Antispark Switch

I wish I saw that Flipsky started offering their new compact geometry dual 6.6 controller before I just ordered a pair of them with the integrated antispark switch. Nice to know for the future this is an option! I run a BMS on all my builds so I don’t have a need for an integrated antispark switch. This new offering is a good value at $229!

I like the old 6.6 simplify esc. They were just $79 and I missed the sale.

far as I understand, anti-spark is useful for 2 things – the power surge when turning on and erosion of contacts when plugging in a battery pack.
A BMS makes sure charging of battery (and sometime discharge) is balanced.
So your statement sounds to me like “I wear shoes, so I don’t need a helmet”

Now maybe your BMS’s include an anti-spark, in which case would “MY BMSs’ already have an anti-spark so this isn’t a useful feature for me” make more sense?

Flipsky’s current antispark is more like popcorn than an antispark.

Theyre working on fixing it.


Bleepbloop, one of my 6.6 simply got wet, so now I’m considering picking up one of the 6.6 mini. I’ll keep you posted

Ive had the dual 6.6 mini up and running for a couple weeks, last night on a slow cruise with the dog I had one side cut out. Wouldn’t come back on unless i power cycled. Same exact issue i had with the 6.6 simplify. Fuck these things.

Are they dying from vibration or something? You sound like you have worse luck than me and I just had a short so bad it burnt a hole in the PCB of my VESC.

Mine were all velcroed down and I ride with at tires.

What the fuck me too…

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I just received my mini 6.6 and will test it out asap and give u the verdict


i got mine this week as well. Bought a anti spark and hoyt puck for it.

I bought the smart anti spark switch which has the roll to start function

Have any updates to share regarding the mini?

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I have the mini for some time now, no serious issues, besides the USB port, that I broke, can’t compare to other vescs, but honestly works fine.

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Also can’t compare to others, but I have been giving it a daily workout for the last month. I haven’t seen anything that alarms me in the logs. I was having an issue with the VX2 but the VX1 has performed flawlessly with the mini. I am not able to trust the Voltage in Metr, but I carry a small voltage meter just in case.

I’m 240-250lb, running dual 6374 with 12s4p 40t. Check my logs in R.E.D. thread.

All this being said, I’m planning on switching it out as soon as I can get my hands on a Stormcore.


it is actually holding up really great, i drove it in the heat and the cold and till now no problems, although one of my friend’s brand new mini went up in flames in the first ever motor detecion

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Must be one of the QC fails a lot people talk about. Too bad for him but good for you!

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Must be a lot of punch with 12s 40T :open_mouth:
Thanks for replying. I’m in doubt of a 4.20plus or a 6.6 mini for my CGT. Good to hear yours is holding out so well. Planning to go 10s5p with dual 6374. Im 170-180. I think I’m going to miss out on power if I would go for the 4.20

Thanks for replying. They’re quite fragile aren’t they.

Well it’s my third flipsky Vesc

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