Flipsky DK Trucks + Trampa hubs possible?

Hello, I’m trying to figure out if any of trumpas hubs fit on a Flipsky DKP 15inch truck.

I can’t find measurements for the thin ends of the trumpa axle like highlited here with the Flipsky Trucks…

If anyone has tried this or if someone could measure this part of their trumpa trucks I’d be super thankful.

Hey mate I know it’s been along time but did u get the Trampa hubs to work
Thanks mark

It’s doable. Looks weird tho.

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Thanks much appreciated

Check out my century build! Used trampa hubs and these trucks with dicky ho mounts.



I’m still figuring things out, i forgot to mention that I’m looking for hubs that fit pneumatics.

Right now my plan is this:

  • keep the rear SYL-hubs since they fit fine
  • put 9 or even 10 inch tires from trampa on rear hubs
  • get trampa phadlads for the front and fit 9 or 10 inch tires aswell

Since the SYL hubs are slightly larger than 4inches the trampa tires should fit.

I was just on the phone with them and they suggested to go with 9inches since the forces with 10inche tIres might be too much for a belt drive.

I might even try 9inches in the back and 10inches in the front.

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