Flipsky 75200 84V 200A High Current ESC With Aluminum PCB Based on VESC® for ESK8

Hi guys, check latest 75200 84V High Current ESC With Aluminum PCB Based on VESC.
Here below is its Feature:
1.Adjustable protection against: low voltage protection, high voltage protection, over current protection, temperature abnormal protection, mosfets / motor over temperature protection.
2.Support various control modes: Current / Duty cycle / Speed / PID control modes.
3.Support the function of balancing car by connecting the IMU module through the IIC interface; support inertial measurement unit modules such as MPU9250, MPU9150, MPU6050, LSM6DS3, BMI160.
4.CPU:STM32F405 with frequency 168MHz
5.Aluminum PCB with good heat dissipation to expand life span.
6.Two COMM ports: UART bluetooth module, screen display or remote controller supportable.

For more details, check this link–https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004694308433.html?spm=a2g0o.store_pc_groupList.8148356.10.6df95a6c3OtFwS&pdp_npi=2%40dis!USD!US%20%24407.39!US%20%24219.99!US%20%24219.99!!!!%400b0a187b16653052435142657e7f54!12000030127028358!sh&gatewayAdapt=4itemAdapt

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hmm, powerlayout looks pretty straight forward but lowside shunts?
So this uses custom firmware separate from the 75/300.

Would be intresting if its better or worse in regards to failrate.

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does this have the full vesc6 featureset or is it lacking anything?

Because it is low-end sampling, it cannot be set to high-end sampling. In addition, there is no hardware phase filter integrated in the hardware, so turn off the phase filter when adjusting parameters.

There is no phase filter added. When some customers use the new firmware 3.01 to adjust parameters, they cannot be used directly, otherwise it will cause the ESC to fail and burn out. Version 3.00. firmware escs are shipped from the factory.

Just got one, but it’s making a hissing noise that seems…wrong

Kinda sounds like coil whine, which shouldnt be a problem

dsn’t sound like any coil I’ve ever heard, sounds more like a soul escaping xD

My bet is on cheap ceramic caps. They actually vibrate on switched stuff.

Easy way to find out is to put your finger of suspicious components, if noise dies down you found your culprit


Besides the weird noise, does it work?

Yeah, I ran it down a few street lengths and back, but haven’t since I noticed the noise. Wanted to get some opinions before I went too far from “walk home” distance :smiley:


well, I’ve been blasting around the local park pushing 150A burst on these absurdly small motor phase wires and nothing’s blown up so far!

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good to hear that and thanks for your feedback.

I have the same problem, but it works.