Flipsky 6.6plus dual: tuning question(s)

Hey, i have a 6.6 plus proswitch vesc and want to tune my breaks stronger.

I was wondering if i can have the “-” higher then the “+”?

Ex: right now im at 40 and -40.
Can i put it at 40 and -50 or -60 > is that how it works?
(Talking about the first settings in the vesc tool. Think its the current. Not in front my pc so not sure. Its not the battery i know that so its gotta be the current)

What values are you referring to?

Thats what im saying im not in front of it.

When tou go in the vesc tool , then general, current or voltage at the top.
You set current max i think its called to like for example the
I have it set on

Can i do

Yeah its the current.
General settings then current tab.
First 2 values.
I have it at
40 and -40

Yeah turn it up… The higher the neg value in the battery will dictate how strong the brakes are… But this is kinda sort tied to your motor values…

So for motor you could try going 40/-50 or -60 ans see if that helps… If not… And assuming you have a 4p battery of some sort take the the battery values up to -24 on dual… Up to… U can ease it up depending where its currently set… But a conservative value might be -16…

Im at -16

Are you still setting your board up? I see you’re in the hospital on fb trying to sell everything

Busted my harm bad. Bone came out.
Got 3 plates in elbow. Might switch to ebike.

Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon!

when’d this happen? :o

Before yesterday