Flipsky 6.6. Plus Issue

Yes… To Flipsky.


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Interesting, I’ve seen a few ABS_OVER_CURRENT faults lately on a standard setup, 10s3p on thane with the dual plus. Wonder if also related

Why do you say that? The OG 6.6s use the VESC6’s drive chip, have great thermal performance, run the mainline firmware, and use most of the components from the BOM (I think… not 100% on that one). I’ve run both that ESC and the Unity at their limits and have never observed any performance discrepancies.


The motors are being used on DIY Trampa builds, not prebuilts.

welcome to the forum. from the “we” language in your post, i had assumed (wrongly) that you sell the boards you build


Welcome, bro. I bumped your account so you don’t have issues posting or messaging.


He’s one of the folks behind Skatemetric(s). One of the better review sites going.


Oh, gotcha. By “we” I meant myself and the co-founder of the channel. We don’t sell anything.


Hey! Glad to see you here finally :slight_smile:

I was commenting on the reddit thread, but I figured I’d better finish my reply here. I have 3 of the 6.6 plus vesc units all operating on custom decks. I have ridden them all over 30mph.

3.66 is the last firmware that I was able to get to operate without any issues. When I tried to go to 4.xx it broke everything and I was experiencing severe motor control and calibration issues.

I couldn’t get my metr to work or the vesc cellphone app either. I am not sure if these issues have been resolved yet but I have been stable at 3.66 and haven’t considered trying to upgrade again yet.

Can anyone else collaborate firmware issues on the vesc 6.6 dual plus?

Also, I know @agentdev blew one of his 6.6 dual plus to pieces, but it might have been related to the flipsky antispark, if I remember correctly?


I am not pushing the Dual FSESC6.6 very hard but I must say it is worth every penny for me.
It drives my Boundmotor DD very smooth. 8s; 50A battery max., 100A motor max. per side. Not using FOC though. Call me crazy but I love the sound of BLDC mode!
If you keep it running cool you are fine imo.