Flipsky 6.6 Mini dual ( with VX4 remote and Davega X connected ) help needed....

Hi Guys,

Maybe I could get some help with this issue;

I have a FLIPSKY Dual Mini FSESC6.7 Pro 140A, and have recently ( yesterday… ) bought a Davega.

I have the VX4 remote connected to the master vesc, and have connected the Davega to the secondary. It seems its not possible to connect two devices to the UART ports o either side of the vesc.

Or is it? mam I missing something? One side is configured as UART ( for the VX4 ) the other is UART+PPM for the Davega as per instructions. It seems the remote will only run the motor on its side and not both.

SHould I move the remote to PPM and leave the davega X connected as normal to the UART with ppm?

Help appreciated. thanks. Harry

PS: Maybe @janpom you could give me some leads…or Vedder if he sees this.

At which point does that happen? When you configure the slave VESC as UART+PPM? When you connect DAVEGA?

When I configure the slave vesc as uart+PPm and have the Davega connected

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