Flipsky 4.20 diode


I recently purchased another flipsky 4.20 mini after I destroyed the other one by connecting it with reverse polarity.

This new one had a diode connected right at the input leads. As this was in the way for me, I removed it and planned om connecting it at the input plug in stead. But alas - I forgot to take a picture!

IT is a 5kp51a diode. From the datasheet I can read that it has a very high break down voltage, which is why I am not sure how to connect it.
Can someone help me?

  • Victor

The line should connect to the positive wire.


Ah yes, the classic “blow the fuse as reverse polarity protection” trick. :man_facepalming:

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So its just for reverse polarity? :slight_smile:
I think that design is OK for lithium powered devices as there should always be a BMS capable of resetting.

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And thanks!

this one is much easier

Actually, most of us bypass the BMS for discharge and only use it for charging and balancing.

Whoa - living life on the edge! I am a ebike kind og guy, so don’t know how you guys do it. Seems risky! :wink:


It’s more risky if the BMS shuts off and you loose brakes in traffic, fall off, and get run over.

body > battery

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I guess thats true for eskate

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We can slow down. Quite fast actually just hop off.

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Well the whole BMS situation is a very controversial topic. In my local DIY group we always try to use a discharge BMS or at least a fuse when possible because we really want to avoid a battery fire. In my experience the flipsky V.E.S.C has a lot highe chance to randomly die while breaking than a bms so the first step to make breaks safer is to use more reliable ESCs.


De solder the diode from the pcb there Maby a silk screen symbol of the diode and how it should be on the pcb, post a pic if you are stuck

I have soldered the diode onto the connector - everything is fine :slight_smile:

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