Flipsky 200 amp anti-spark wiring diagram

Looking for the wiring diagram on a Flipsky Anti spark Switch Smart Enhanced 200A for 4 legged button to the 3 pins (K+ L+ -(K-,L-) on the anti spark.

Screenshot 2022-05-15 201431

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wire the black and white wires together on the closest pin top the left in the top pic

ok, Do you know what the (K+ L+ -(K-,L-) decodes too?

no, but i assume K+ is V+ :man_shrugging:t2:

L+ = LED Drive (requires inline resistor!)
K+ = Switch
L- and K- are both GND


thanks,any idea the value of the resistor?

it’s 5V drive, so anything between 330 and 1k will work.


this look right?

Wait, swap K+ and L+


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Wait, actually you swapped K+ and L+, L+ is for the LED, K+ is the switch connection.

this look right?


Great, Thanks for the help

looks like the resistor is already in the button

good that makes your life easier.

rotated LED in diagram

Can I use any custom momentary switch, for example one that is rated 12v at 10a?