Flat wheel - what do I need ?

Hey guys,

normally I’m a urethane guy but with the meepo hurricane it’s my first experience with a pneumatic board. It’s great, but now I have my first flat!!

Can someone shoot me an Amazon vendor where I can get a replacement tube for the wheel? Thank you!

Im using following wheels, 155mm.

try this:

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I think those are the berg tubes, not regular tire tubes @frame.b022 . I’d recommend actually switching tires completely. Those meepo tires are very prone to flats.

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Damn, do you know what tires would fit the meepo hubs?

Thanks! 3 weeks waiting time tho :sob:

Most tires sold on esk8 websites would. Since you’re in Europe, I think onsra sells them somewhat locally to you.


If it’s just a small hole, you can just patch the tube and get back to riding while you wait for new ones. Bike tire patch kits are super cheap and easy to get.


Thanks dude!! Will try that approach :call_me_hand:t3:

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I always recommend using slime tire sealant and possibly even tube liners if you tend to get a lot of flats from punctures. Both have saved me loads of times.