Flash Sale: $3 Samsung 25Rs at liionwholesale.com

Samsung 25Rs still dump mad current and can run hard. And now they’re only $3 a cell so i had to share.

I may get a bunch of these for nostalgia and get one of my older rigs shredding again.


the sag though.

might grab a couple for my vape. thanks for the HU.

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hey buddy, some of us are trying to re-live 2016, ok?


after nkon’s sale of VTC5A for $2.65 a cell, I just can’t see why!

oh. nkon is gone.

Wallow in your nostalgia sir. :stars:


This probably means that upon the closure of the sale, the 25R won’t be a stocked item any longer.


Off the top of your head, how many P groups would you say you’d need to overcome the voltage sag? Are they even worth the purchase? I mean 180 for 60 cells is pretty reasonable

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Thats how much nkon charged for 30q ; ; ev west has vt6 cells for $3.33 a piece but you got to buy a case of 200

Isn’t nkon dead now though?

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I have a bunch of 40V worx batteries that are 10S1P 25Rs and have been wondering this exact thing… I’ve mostly run lipos though, so I know it would be disappointing no matter what.

The only reason I continue to keep them around (other than my general hoarding tendencies) is because I’m hoping to use them for a board with a hot swappable battery @ maybe 5mi per pack.

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I got a 4P pack, under 80A load it sags almost 10V, 20A per cell. It may be the lack of nickel forming the S connections to an extent so take it with a grain of salt. I can pull 160A from my 5P VTC5A pack, or 32A per cell and only drop 3-4v for comparison.

edit: see

I’d consider 25R again if I were running 8+P groups and pulling 80A max.

or, really, honestly, if your on a budget 25r can actually do 20A well enough. sure it sags, but sag isn’t the end of the world. I still ride with my 10S4P 25r pack and have a lot of fun with it. it just lacks the crazy punch that VTC5A have, but it still has the power available under load until you get to about half charge or so.


Wrong vendor, you (and me) got shafted by the imrbatteries (unauthorized dealer) flash sale on molicels. liionwholesale is the dealer this time. Interestingly they’re an authorized molicel dealer.


My bad… I thought I read IMR

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Duuude… Every time you post this stuff I get triggered. I just check nkon again. so cheap, no USA. VTC5A, VTC6, 30Q, 30T, 40T… VTC5D even. triggered…


Yes sadly. It just sucks because all the wholesalers are around $4.50 for a 30q cell when nkon was $2.91 shipped.


It’s not that bad. It’s only like a $100 off coupon for your average pack.


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It’s a 50% increase!

Meanwhile I have 250 25rs in my esk8 stockpile smh :sob:


Hmmm yeah that is not too encouraging to me considering that I run Lipos lol

Great info though, thanks!

Dont fret precious I’m here. Set away from the window and build a 7 or 8p :grin: What my plan was lol


If it helps you guys at all nkon isn’t dead for me and postage is free to my house :ok_hand: