Fitting enclosure on Landy switchblade

Sorry if this topic is covered in another post. I couldn’t find anything while searching.

I got the 12s4p battery from torque boards and I came with a free enclosure that I believe is made of abs. I’m using a landyachtz switchblade 38 for my build, but due to the shape of the deck, the enclosure doesn’t sit flush. Is it possible to adjust the shape of the enclosure with a heat gun? Any other method? If so does anyone have any tips for doing so?

Heat gun and bending usually works but that enclosure is a bit shy on material :grimacing:


I saw someone using a metal coat hanger to push on the softened enclosure to make it flush with the deck
But also use a thick joint that you can compress a little, it will make everything waterproof (at an extent) and flush


I use 10mm self adhesive neoprene foam, not had the courage to use heat gun lol :smile:

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You might have trouble fitting the battery in if you heat gun and shape it to your deck. There’s not a lot of spare room in it in the battery compartment.

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