First Impression Kaly.NYC 2.0

First… Some Eye Candies :slight_smile:

This is a first impression of the newly in market Kaly.NYC 2.0
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out the new Kaly.NYC 2.0 last week.
I got to take the board out for a short 15 min ride during super sketchy condition.
How sketchy? At night, dim lighting, just around freezing, wet with snow and ice.
Needless to say I wasn’t able to really push the board in anyways but I did have a chance to get a good feel of what it would be like as a cruiser

Special thanks to Kaly and Nanorider for giving me an opportunity for the test ride
I am not affiliated with Kaly in anyways although I do own the last gen Kaly Carver XL.

Tester I rode on was equipped with a stiff deck with cruising concave.
Helical Geardrive 1:4 12s 190kv

General build Quality:
This should come at no surprise here. The build quality is superb.
Everything fits tightly together and the components that you can see and touch all scream quality.
The trucks have a very nice matt black finish that I would definitely choose over trampa.
The wiring are all well thought of.

One tiny thing that I noticed was the squeaky springs but this should go away once its broken in or an easy fix with some wax.

The Deck
This was what surprised me the most. Trampa decks tbh are great with bindings but pretty difficult to ride without due to the nature of channel trucks and the lack of concave. I wasn’t expecting some flaps to make a big difference, boy was I wrong. The cruising concave deck was very comfortable to ride on and the flaps locks your foot in. Even at low speed I found myself able to tilt and apply significant leverage for tight turns without feeling like I was going to fall off. The deck inspires confidence, was easy to control and very comfortable.

The Drive
The drives were well finished. Because its helical gears they were softer than straight cuts but definitely still louder than belts. The whole drive is extremely responsive. Acceleration and braking comes predictably without lag. The free roll was also significantly better than belt + idler that I am used to which should translate into better mileage. Within the short time I spent with the system it felt very well executed. BUT and this more of a personal preference of gear vs belt, the instant respond you get with the throttle actually made the ride a little too harsh for me and I found myself having to really watch the throttle at the risk of being thrown off. I am sure if I had the opportunity to play with the throttle curve on the vesc it would help smooth out alot of the issue but my experience with the demo have actually dampen my desire to go gear and stick to a good belt idler system.

The Experience
I had tons of fun at the short test ride. The board with its softer springs and concave made it super carvable. Despite the less then perfect consideration and the inability to really push the board I still left with a big smile on my face. To me that says alot about the board and I can’t wait to try it again on better weather.

Closing Notes
If Kaly 2.0 is as reliable as the excellent Kaly 1.0 (My review here: and theres no reason not to believe it won’t, this board is a great buy. Personally I am very interested in the deck and would love to see if a deck upgrade option would be available for the 1.0 owners.


Great review. Have you tried Lacroix and could you compare the deck feeling?


Nice !! Thanks for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:

Want a deck now :smile:


Awesome review! I second the question @Grozniy asked, have you tried a lacroix vs this kaly?


I have tried the Lacroix. Also just super short ride so again just impression not actual reviews. Kaly felt more lively, the concave is more pronounced and I believe (could be wrong) its lips have a higher angle compared to Lacroix. This allows for more sharper respond and faster turns. Lacroix is more comfortable. Feels like I am standing in my living room which should translate into less fatigue in long rides (not tested just hypothesis).

They are both good decks. Understand what you want to do with your board before figuring what works best for you.

A bmw M3 and an Merc E class are both nice cars, but I will take the E class for a daily and M3 for weekend track run.


Thank you @ixf


Do you remember if you tried the carve deck or the race deck on the kaly?

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cruising :slight_smile: just updated the post

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Everything he has posted looks like some super high quality/ beautiful parts which you would expect from him.